Technological print – quality you can rely on!

Since 2014 we use flexographic printing method of full color images on the

corrugated cardboard. We were the first company in Russia, using this method. We provide Flexo post-print with the same print quality as the pre-print and offset print, but with the lower cost price, which becomes more profitable for the customer.

Equipment: FlexoVision, BOBST (Switzerland).


• one production cycle

• efficient production

• high accuracy of die-cutting and printing matching

• complete waste-stripping

• printing up to 5 colors (CMYK + pantone or varnish)

• maximum die-cutting size is 11001600 mm.

Flexo post-print benefits:

• decreasing the packaging cost when turning from offset print, keeping the same quality level

• attracts customers’ attention

• suitable for retail requirements (shelf-ready packaging)

• product stands out among the competitors