The “Remos-Аlfa” laboratory carries out multi-stage quality control of corrugated board and corrugated packaging at all stages of production.

Testing laboratory equipped with modern equipment («Buchel b.v.» (Holland), «ИТС» (Russia), Testometric (Great Britain)). The equipment meets to international standards ISO, TAPPI, PAPTAS.

Laboratory equipment for quality control of corrugated board had been checked and certified. This fact ensures the accuracy of the results of tests carried out.

Some tests conducted in the laboratory:

BCT (Box Crush Test) or TBC (Top to Bottom Compression) is the only box characteristic fully providing a guarantee that a box with products will sustain stacking and reach the destination safe and sound.

ECT (Edgewise Crush Test) is a test which helps to determine the corrugated cardboard longitudinal wave compaction resistance (kN/m). The index describes compression resistance of box walls that allows choosing appropriate composition according to required strength of the box.

BST (Bursting Strength Test) is a test specifying rupture (MPa) and puncture resistance of corrugated cardboard and showing its total bursting strength.

FCT (Flat Crush Test) is a test ascertaining strength of the wave of the corrugated cardboard sample (kPa) and its flat crush resistance. The result demonstrates how the side-view of the corrugated cardboard wave is close to standard.